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The Arizona State Business List


The Arizona State Business List contains 123,287 business records, with every single record containing a unique, verified email address.


These businesses contain associated data including:


→ 123,092 Business Names

→ 123,287 Business Emails (100%)
→ 500+ Business Categories (see top 100 categories at bottom of this page)
→ 118,080 Business Addresses
→ 105,234 Business Websites
→ 21,366 Twitter pages
→ 13,893 LinkedIn pages
→ 41,785 Facebook pages
→ 24,826 Instagram pages


As a gift from America’s Top Lists to your business, you may freely download and use the Basic Arizona State List at no charge. You may access, review, and use the Basic List at this secure download link.


Note: The Basic List contains no emails. The Full List includes emails for 100% of the records.


After you have examined that Basic List, we invite you to purchase the Full List (including all emails) at the limited-time discounted price of $499. (List price: $2,499—an 80% discount).


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After completing your purchase, you will be redirected to the secure download page. If you have any issues accessing the file, send an email to, and we will be glad to assist you.

By purchasing this list, you acquire a license to use the list without limit in perpetuity (forever). However, you must agree to never transfer the list to any third party, as well as to the full Terms and Conditions.